lashing out

You know those mornings when your alarm clock goes off and chaos is already there? You race out the door in a fervor with barely enough time to get dressed — let alone apply a full face of makeup. I could take BUZZarella’s approach to Makeup on Muni, but applying mascara en route to work falls under the “High Danger Zone” and is definitely not covered under Workers’ Comp.

Last week when I had not one, but two, of those days, I knew I needed a shortcut. Even on my lowest of maintenance days, I still need a bit o’ BADgal on my lashes to make me look human (my lashes just disappear without it!). So, I took it to where I find many answers: The Benefit Boutique.

The trusty and fabulous aestheticians suggested a lash tint. Within a quick 20 minutes (including letting the dye set), my lashes were deliciously black! Check out the before, during (eek!), and after. While this doesn’t replace my BADgal lash love, I am hooked!

disappearing act

in process

viola! my lashes (no mascara)