ask a brow expert

Benefit knows perfect brows like no other! What this means? When you receive a brow service, you’re actually getting a trained and certified Benefit Brow Expert EVERY TIME! Here’s an interview I did with Julia, a local Benefit Aesthetician from the Chestnut Boutique in San Francisco. Just another example of a Benefit brow pro with a passion…

1.  What do you like best about being a Benefit Aesthetician? I love getting to know my customers. For me, having a regular customer in the chair is just like hanging out with a friend. We get to catch up on what’s going on and chat about important stuff like fun weekends, guys, reality TV…you know, the usual.

2. Why do customers come to Benefit to get their brows waxed? Benefit has a great reputation for creating amazing brows.  We are known for our flexibility, quality, and service.  We always do a custom brow consultation with a customer about what kind of shape they would like and even offer a brow tint if needed.

3. What are some trends you find customers want in their brows? I find that most people like a fuller brow, but everyone likes their brows trimmed, which I think is great when done right. It keeps the shape of the brow looking clean longer.

4. How do you maintain great brows between services? Tweeze the stray hairs that are far away from the brow shape, and do not reshape the brow by tweezing the in the arch. High brow is great for maintaining a clean looking brow between services.  You just draw over the hairs growing in and it camouflages the hair so it looks like nothing is there.

5. What is your favorite brow product? Brows a go-go! It has everything you need to keep your brows looking sharp.  The kit comes with brow zings wax and powder to fill in and keep the brows in place, eyebright to make the eye color pop and cover any darkness you may have around the eye.  There’s a highlighter powder for the brow bone, eyeliner, tweezers and a brush, it really has everything you would need at any time and it’s perfect to keep in your purse.

brows a go go