blind dates: awkward or awesome?

In the wild and wacky world of dating, it doesn’t get much more awkward than a blind date. We’ve all seen the guilty pleasure TV series (host Roger Lodge = awesome) and heard horror stories…but how many of us have actually been on a legit, 100% blind date?!

As a bold Benebabe, I decided to take a chance and go on my very own blind date. First, of course, I had to ask the fellow gals at Benefit HQ for their best advice to put to the test…after a few laughs and a whole lot of lip gloss, here are my top blind dating tips as an unofficial expert on the subject:

1. Do your homework. Since a mutual friend most likely put you in touch, get a brief bio on your date and prepare yourself accordingly. Research online at your own risk…personally, I chose to go into this date totally blind, but the majority admitted to doing some digging on Google or FB.

the online search: stalker-ish or smart?

2. Have realistic expectations. Worst case scenario, you’ll have a fun story to share with friends. Best case, you’ll meet a cool new person. Either way, you really can’t lose, right?

3. Pick a neutral meeting time & place. After work/early evening is the easiest, no-pressure time to meet. Later on in the evening feels too “datey” and offers less of an opportunity to escape. Casual drinks or coffee are always safe bets, but make sure you choose a place where you can actually hear what your date is saying.

4. Put your best self forward – but in a subtle way. Now is not the time to rock the killer red lipstick. Keep things classic yet sexy with bold black eyeliner and an eyecolor enhancing mascara like BADgal plum, and a flattering rosy stain on lips with benetint. This way, you don’t have to worry about lipstick or gloss smudging while (hopefully) enjoying your conversation…or anything else that might come up. (wink wink)

All in all, I’d call my blind date experience a success…short and sweet, surprisingly fun and hey, we may even hang out again sometime. (A real BADgal doesn’t kiss and tell!)

Ladies, have you ever dipped a toe in the treacherous blind dating waters?