black & blue

I had an unfortunate run in last weekend with a photo booth. It was one where you cram into it with your friends to take funny and ridiculous pictures.  Well, we were a bit aggressive and tried to fit 4 people into a booth built for 2; While it was fun, my arm ended up as the casualty and now I have a huge bruise on my arm. :(

here it is...

Now, I’m always hot and I can’t really stand to wear long-sleeved shirts, so I did what any benebabe would do…and went straight for my boi-ing.

I loaded up a concealer brush with boi-ing #2, and patted it all over the bruise.  Then I finished with some “hello flawless!” to set it and finally a BIT of hoola to blend.

Voila!  It’s definitely not glam, but a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do right?!

...and there it goes

Anyone else have any non-glam but very useful tips on how to cover and conceal any sort of body mishap?  Bruises, scars, blemishes, etc?