vegas baby

Every girl has to get away to blow off some steam and there is nothing better than a girls weekend in Vegas! The other weekend, my friends and I decided to splurge so booked ourselves a great deal at the Hard Rock in Vegas! We had the best time ever! We partied, gambled, and ate amazing food. What more can girls ask for?!

Kath, lookin good girl!

Living in Indiana I hardly get the chance to go out with my girlfriends and in Vegas I remembered that the best part of going out is getting ready.  Within seconds of starting to get ready our room was a complete disaster with music blaring, clothes flying, and makeup spilling everywhere!

After two days of living la vida Vegas I noticed that there are certain things that you MUST HAVE when going to Vegas.  If you bring nothing else bring these 7 things.

1) A little black dress that you can’t wear anywhere else because it’s a tad inappropriate (you will fit right in).

2) Old black heels (don’t buy new shoes for Vegas, your feet will kill and your shoes will get wrecked by the end of the night).

3) Swimsuit  (enough said).

4) Hairspray and a rubber band (no matter how beautiful your hair looks down, by the end of the night after the dancing and gambling it will be in a ponytail).

5) Smoldering black eyeliner (enough said).

6) Bathina, take a picture it lasts longer silky glimmering body balm.  (I brought my brand new Bathina to Vegas and two days and eight pairs of legs, arms, and decolletés later it is was in short supply!)

7) Finally, the most unattractive yet incredibly comfortable outfit you can find to fly home in.  By this point the baggier the pants and flatter the shoes the better (a snuggie? hahah maybe not that baggy).

Have any tips for girl getaways?!