time to power prime!

Everyone loves a party, especially when pampering and party favors are involved. In anticipation of theStay Don’t Stray Power Primer Parties at 50 select locations, Geekalicious and I paid a visit to the Benefit Brow Bar Union Square for a sneak preview on what to expect at these beauty events.

Benefit Brow Bar Union Square

The first thing that caught our eyes, was the hot little gift. It’s a custom stay don’t stray makeup traincase with deluxe samples of some of our Benefit best-sellers. Guests will receive this with any $50 or more Benefit purchase–the quantity is limited and they’re going to go FAST.  It’s the perfect size for your makeup essentials and there’s even a little mirror inside. (note: $50 is a deal, when you buy stay don’t stray you’re already half way there!)

do you want this?

...just pick up a few of your faves!

Since it was Friday afternoon, and Geekalicious wanted a look that would last all afternoon into the night, our Beauty Artist recommended a sexy smoky eye and walked us through a makeup lesson using some of his Benefit faves. He started the look with a dab of stay don’t stray primer for concealers and eyeshadows. His secret to dispensing the perfect amount of product: just “tap” the pump rather than push. I’ve circled how much came out of the bottle, which is just the right amount to apply. After applying stay don’t stray to the eyelid alone, he created the smoky eye using the smokin’ eyes kit, BADgal liner waterproof and BADgal lash mascara.

stare into my naked eyes

just a dab'll do ya

Next, the Beauty Artist dabbed stay don’t stray under the eye and applied erase paste concealer over it. He concealed under the eyes AFTER applying makeup to the eyelid so it would cover up any shadow that may have landed there.

from geek to chic

For ultra luxe treatment, Karolina came over and buffed take a picture it lasts longer body balm on to the back of the hands and cuticles. This little satiny-secret gave a kind of airbushed look to the skin, with a deliciously irresistible peach scent.

"i feel like dorothy in the emerald city!"

The end result…one gorgeous geek.

go get'em gurrrl

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