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Our dr. feelgood velvety complexion balm has been around forever.  A longtime bestselling product and favorite of makeup pros around the globe, dr. feelgood has a cult following of devotees that swear by the stuff.

That said, a frequent question asked at beauty counters and dinner parties alike remains, “what IS dr. feelgood and how do you use it?” Lipsticks and powders are no-brainers, but dr. feelgood deserves a closer look. I asked the experts here at Benefit HQ for the scoop behind the adorable metal tin…

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Here are a few main ways to use this master multitasker:

  • UNDER makeup as a primer. Prep your skin with this invisible balm that smoothes pores and fine lines. It also acts as a great base for any foundation, guaranteeing a flawless finish. A secret ingredient, vitamin C, helps repair your skin to beautiful without a prescription.
  • OVER makeup or ALONE as a mattifier. I was skeptical about applying a balm to skin to eliminate shine, but this doc seriously does miracles. To avoid the dreaded “powderface” syndrome, use dr. feelgood instead of powder on your T-zone. It’s kind of like using blotting papers, but more effective and long-lasting.
  • to TOUCH UP and refresh skin throughout the day. You know that AM to PM transition, where you’d like to add a little more makeup without looking cakey? Or when you’re at a summer daytime wedding and need to look picture perf for hours? Simply pat on with the enclosed sponge – it’s potent and portable!

it's the balm

Here are a couple other creative tips I got from my fellow Benebabes:

  • Just in time for summer, dr. feelgood is perfect when paired with sunscreen. Everyone hates the shiny look that sunscreen leaves behind, but adding powder only makes a bigger mess. After letting your sunscreen dry, gently pat on dr. feelgood over the skin…you’ll skip the grease-face without sacrificing the SPF.
  • Another quick tip is to use dr. feelgood to quickly erase any accidental mascara or eyeliner on the skin when applying makeup. A little dab on your finger gets rid of wayward smudges without adding water.
  • This trusty balm isn’t just for the complexion…some gals even use it to tame hair flyaways in a pinch! The matte finish puts those wispies in their place without getting hair grimy.

Have you paid a visit to dr. feelgood lately?