team ginger

I recently became an aunt and now spend the majority of my hours obsessing over my sister’s new little baby (and conversely showing pictures of her at any given moment — like now). My niece is full of cheeks and incredible red hair!

team ginger

As a gal with auburn hair, I feel like I need to teach the little one the ways of the red, especially when it comes to makeup. As my redheaded friend Lisa says, “We can’t wear the same makeup as our cute blonde and brunette friends wear. Don’t try, it looks silly.”

There are actually a few fabulous redheads at the Benefit SF office, so I asked them to weigh in on the beauty Dos and Don’ts for our redheaded beauties.

Erin rockin' red

danielle making it work

• Stay out of the sun. Redhead skin usually burns and freckles.
• Most redheads have green eyes, play these up with green and blue shadows.
• Redheads can wear red lipstick.
• If you have freckles, play them up! Don’t cover them up with heavy foundation
• Especially for strawberry blondes, dark browns are best for eyeliner and mascara (for light ends of lashes, try out our lash tinting service at boutiques)
• Because most redheads have fair skin and don’t tan easily, I’d say my first and most important beauty tip would be to make sure and use a moisturizer with SPF, like you rebel lite. Red hair does not go well with red skin!
• Fill in brows with browzings or our instant brow pencil. Redheads often have the same brow problems as blondes, in that our eyebrows tend to be really light. Once darkened, you can see a huge difference in the way they frame your face.
• Definitely use a bronzer like dallas and apply it where the sun naturally hits your face. You’ll look unnatural if too tan, or with colors that don’t compliment my hair color.
• Keep one hot minute in mind since the gold reflects light just like your hair!

one more pic for good measure

Follow some of these tips, kid, and you’ll look RED HOT! (sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun) Do you have any other tips for fellow redheads to share?