eye bright vs. high brow

This is a story of two soft pink pencils…both are used to instantly perk up the eye-area, draw on smooth and have a loyal following of longtime fans.  At first glance it appears that Benefit has another twin story on its hands, but if you look a little closer, you’ll discover two different products with different uses. I hope you find this enlightening…

shed some light on this situation

High brow is a “brow lifting pencil”–and this product is all about defining the BROW. It’s drawn under the eyebrow to highlight the brow bone, dotted above the arch to clean the shape, and then blended.  The matte linen-pink shade softly defines the arch, giving brows and eyes a lifted look. The color is very very subtle and provides a natural-looking highlight to the brow area.

raise some brows

To get the most out of high brow, you can use this brow multi-tasker on all areas ABOVE the eye as needed. My fellow bene babes use it to hide stray hairs between brow services AND love to use it with creaseless cream shadows for soft, blended-looking eye makeup.

To brighten UNDER the eyes and in corners, use eye bright the “instant eye brightener.” This EYE multi-tasker works wonders to instantly hide dark shadows and brighten dark  inner and outer corners of the eye throughout the day.  At Benefit we call eye bright “the optical illusion” because the cool pink shade diffuses the blue tones in dark circles and corners to create an instant “awake” look.

eye opener

To use, draw a few strokes on under eye circles and onto dark inner eye corners (close to the side of the nose bridge) and blend. A favorite tip from eye bright experts here at Benefit is to draw a “wing” from the outer corner of the eye up to the end of the brow and blend.

different strokes

The major difference between the two is the pigment. Eye bright’s “cool” pink color is specialized to diffuse dark discoloration. If you try to wear it on the brow bone, it can look a little too pink, almost-purplish, compared to high brow’s neutral shade. High brow, on the other hand, does not work to diffuse blue colors and can look too light if you try to use it over dark circles.

So there you have it! If you have any questions about eye bright, high brow or any other products, let us know.