Hong Kong!

Sorry I have been MIA lately, Maggie and I just got back from an exciting trip in China and Hong Kong! It was the most incredible trip ever.

On April 2d Maggie and I took a 16-hour flight from New York to Hong Kong.  In the middle of the flight there was a ton of turbulence so I looked out my window and what did I see…  Oh no big deal just the North Pole!  It was amazing!!!!!



So we land in Hong Kong and take a cab to our hotel.  Maggie and I always try to walk around for a few hours when we land in a new country so we don’t fall right asleep and more around a little. This is what we saw.

The next day we went to a huge event at a mall in Hong Kong!  It was amazing, women LOVE benefit in Hong Kong.  Maggie and I did a mini makeover and hundreds of people started to gather around to watch us, it was really funny.

After the makeover we had a traditional dim sum lunch with a few bloggers and a camera crew!  It was totally bizarre, but fun.

After lunch what else would we do but go to a children’s parade in the mall!  The kids were so cute! There were really pretty statues there also.

After that we went to dinner and called it an early night because the next day we were off to China.  More to come on that!