newfound love

Due to the fact that I am currently living in a city where there are no brow bars (sad face), I have to make due on my own.  I take my brows VERY seriously, and I refuse to trim, tweeze, or, god forbid, wax my own brows.  Therefore, during the weeks that I am at home or traveling for work I have no choice but to be resourceful.

I have always had a strong love for brow zings
Between tinting it helps to keep my brows filled in and makes the shape look goooood.  Luckily, I am usually able to get to San Francisco about once a month so I have never had a total brow disaster…until now.

It had been six weeks since the last time I was in San Fran and my brows were becoming unruly.  They were so long and just bad. 

Last week, when Maggie and I were in Hong Kong at a press event I looked in the mirror in horror:  my brows were literally everywhere! I looked like a mess.  Just then, a benebabe that works at a brow bar in Hong Kong told me I NEEDED speed brow.

At first I was a little offended, but then I applied the quick-set brow gel and a miracle happened right there on my face!  My brows looked groomed, trimmed, and in place. 

That is why speed brow is my newfound love when I can’t get to a brow bar!

What are your newfound loves, benefit or something else?