Old is the new new

We all know the story of the Velveteen Rabbit right?   Where the stuffed animal only becomes real after it’s loved so much by the little boy that his button eyes and nose fall off and his hair falls out?  It’s all about how things that are old and worn are actually better after you break them in then when you first got them.

Well, that’s how I feel about my makeup :)  My sister always makes fun of me for using my products to the very last drop.  She always says, “Maggie, we work for Benefit…it’s not like we couldn’t probably get our hands on some new stuff.”  Well I like to use my stuff till the bitter end.  I’m loving my make up to life!

Case in point #1…my “hello flawless!”.  I have two shades that I rotate, blend and use depending on the seasons; champagne and honey.  They are both my best friends and I don’t go anywhere without them.  Clearly.

Hello Flawless

Case in point #2…my hoola.  I actually have no idea when I got this box of Hoola.  All I know is that it practically looks vintage and I will SWEAR till the cows come home that vintage hoola looks even better than fresh hoola.  At least that’s what I keep telling myself  (notice the frayed edges of the box…just adds to the mystery I think).

just get's better with age

So if there are any of you out there who like me, can’t bear to toss your Benefit makeup until the bitter BITTER end, share your stories and pictures.  This is a safe place to discuss our unhealthy love affair with makeup.  Take that eyeshadow you’ve had in your drawer that you scrape out with tweezers because you can’t bear to see it end and put it up here for all to see.  If anyone has any old school packaging or stories…I want to hear/see them.

I want to feel the love in here people!