cry me a river

Using waterproof/ water resistant makeup during the summer months is pretty much a given.  What with the humidity, sweat, pools, oceans you really can’t live without at LEAST BADgal waterproof pencil and BADgal waterproof mascara (and if you’re me, Benetint, Posietint and creasless cream eye shadows but who’s really counting)

However, I have another reason to wear these items year round……onions.

I have a SERIOUS problem with onions.  I love eating them and use them in most of my cooking, but they absolutely hate me.  I know they make people cry, but they make me sob.  My eyes pour water, turn bright red, swell, and all kinds of lovely things.  I’ve tried everything from burning a candle while cutting onions to chewing gum while cutting onions to blowing a fan over the cutting board during chopping;  Nothing works.  I have resorted to the following highly embarrassing but effective method:

sad state of affairs

Yes, that is me…cutting onions for my dinner last night…wearing ski goggles.

I can’t go on like this.  I need some advice.  Anyone have any random, weird effective methods for cutting onions which don’t involve wearing foul weather gear?

I will say though that my makeup stays perfectly in place without nary a smudge or drip! So if my mascara can stay on during the flood of tears while cooking dinner, I’m positive it will work for you during those balmy summer nights.

What we go through as women…geesh.