mom’s the word on beauty advice

During Facebook’s Doppelganger Week, I almost put up a photo of my mom. Twice I’ve been stopped on the streets of San Francisco without my mom and asked, “Are you Diane’s daughter?” People can’t get over at how much we “apparently” look alike. As much as I pretend to be annoyed at these comments, there’s really no greater compliment. I just hope I look as great when I reach her age.

So to celebrate those women who braided our hair, helped us pick out our very first lip gloss, and continue to give us sage advice on love, life, and beauty, here are some Benefit employees’ moms and their Benefit faves (besides their own daughter) and beauty tips. Don’t forget to enter your own mom and why she’s inspiring in our facebook contest!

Beauty advice…Love, Geekalicious’s mom: “Have children that make you happy and make you laugh. It keeps the gravity and wrinkles in check. Always wear a hat and stay out of the sun. Oh, and never believe the age on your birth certificate.”

blue shadows & bath time

Beauty advice…Love, Briana’s mom: “A decent girl can’t be caught with an oily face! Your face should always look fresh and bright…even if it’s 100 degrees out like in Columbia (where I live). Always carry a translucent mattifier on you at all times.”

briana's one hot mama

Beauty advice…Love, Resident BADgal’s mom: “You may be naturally pretty…but you can always look better! Makeup always increases your ‘face value,’ even if it’s just a little bit.”

snow bunny (aka momma BADgal)

Beauty advice…Love, BUZZarella’s mom: “Over-tweeze your eyebrows and they may never grow back. Take care of those brows, they’re important! And if they get sparse like mine, you’d better learn how to fill them in naturally!” No wonder she loves the instant brown pencil!

La BUZZ 1.0

Beauty advice…Love, Annie’s mom: “Take care of your skin, it’s your best attribute—so stay out of that sun!”

hot cookin' with annie's mom

Beauty advice…Love, Lindsey’s mom: “Always wear a little blush & a little lip color to make you look put together.”

settin' sail in the 70s

Beauty advice…Love, Elaine’s mom: “If you like a beauty product…just buy it! If something makes you look good, it’ll make you feel good too—so it’s always worth it to try it.”

laney love

Beauty advice…Love, Media Maven’s mom: “You look as good as you feel—so make sure you feel good inside.”

hey mickey you're so fine

Beauty advice…Love, Kate’s mom: “I loved those false eyelashes in the 60s and still think you should always call attention to your pretty peepers.”

mother knows best. kate

Beauty advice…Love, Elisa’s mom: “Wear a little color on your lips. Classy women never leave home without it!”

proud parents

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our moms, aunts, sisters, and any woman who has helped guide us along the way! Thanks for the advice, mom!