baby’s first pretty party

To honor all those moms out there, we thought we’d share some adorable pictures from a “Mommy-Baby Pretty Party” which took place this week at the Benefit Boutique Chestnut, in San Francisco. This lucky group of beautiful NEW moms were treated to a little beauty break with their little ones.

You must've been a beautiful baby...

The mommy group known as “Working Moms with Babies born in February 2010,” received makeup lessons and brow services…while the boutique provided the babies with nap time, play time and diaper service (just kidding about the diapers!).


Check out this multi-tasking mom getting her brows done while baby takes a nap!

brows & baby

A big thank you to all the mommies for taking the time for beauty even when you’re busy with a baby. Isn’t motherhood beautiful?!

Benefit wishes everybody a Happy Mother’s Day!