ultra shines = ultra flirty

Gals, I have a serious beauty problem. I can’t stop applying (and reapplying…and reapplying) lip gloss! At my desk, at dinner, when I’m out and about, and especially when I am in flirting mode. After all, the lips are the windows to the soul…and a great lip gloss makes the heart grow fonder! (Yup, those are the original famous quotes.)

When I heard Benefit was developing an amazing NEW super-shiny formula, my own heart went pitter-patter. I could not wait to put these babies to the test! Our new ultra shines are the holy grail of glosses. It’s challenging to find a formula that combines a shiny finish with a soft texture and isn’t sticky. (Ugh – getting hair stuck in your lip gloss is the worst!) Not to toot our own horn, but Benefit nailed it with these new lip shines. Top beauty blogger and fellow gloss connoisseur Makeup and Beauty Blog even gave them an A in her rave review. And the colors…wow. From a sparkly magenta to a juicy coral, these shades scream spring and are guaranteed to grab attention.

from L to R: back to the fuchsia, dancing queen, foxy lady, spiked punch, wild child

The Benebabes put these glosses the test over the weekend, and found that each shade had its own flirty personality. Here’s a breakdown with the perfect pick-up method for each of these shiny delights:

back to the fuchsia – this sexy magenta color packs some serious sparkle…bring on the bling and let your glittering statement jewelry catch his eye!

dancing queen – take it to the the dance floor with this irresistible watermelon pink shade…he’ll be cutting a rug beside you in no time.

foxy lady – the foxiest ladies know, a little eye contact goes a LONG way…play up your sultry eyes with this perfectly complementary warm rosy gloss.

spiked punch – this creamy coral shade makes a statement – especially when paired with a warm, bronze glow…go ahead and buy him a drink, girl!

wild child – this glimmering amethyst lip shine is subtly sexy and looks great on a smile…get him laughing and he won’t be able to resist.

Got ultra shine fever? Check out our our new glosses in action all over SF in this fun video…gals just can’t get enough SHINE!

don't leave home without your SHINE, baby!

I don’t think I’ll be giving up my gloss habit any time soon. What do you think of these dazzling new lip shines, ladies?