graduation go-to look!

It’s daily beauty school at Benefit, but since school’s out for summer…here is how to get the perfect graduation makeup.

As you all know, there is nothing worse then being overdone for an event, graduation included.  I also always find that it is usually about 100 degrees at graduation (the hot cap and gowns are the worst!).  Thus, I think that less is more.  I have put together what I think is the best go-to-look for any graduation!

1) Apply benetint or posietint to your lips & cheeks.  This will last all day and won’t run or smear in the heat.

2)  Apply a little “that gal” to prime and help set your makeup. Follow up with  “hello flawless!” which is perfect for the heat, since it will not run or smudge and has SPF 15.

3)  I always love to wear creaseless creams in the heat because they have huge staying power.  I chose the shade birthday suit because it is neutral but still brightens up your eyes.

4)  Line and define your eyes with BADgal waterproof liner and load your lashes with BADgal waterproof mascara (there may be some waterworks when you see that diploma in hand!).

5)  Lastly apply a little benetint lip balm for a plump sexy pout that is protected form the sun with SPF 15.

Trust me, this key graduation look will wear through the heat the tears! Dare we say, an A+?! Congratulations to all of you graduates 2010!