the purrrfect cat eye

Nothing says “sex-kitten” like cat eyeliner. I recently watched the Academy Award nominated film An Education and became instantly OBSESSED with the 1960’s inspired style. The main character wears soft bangs with a natural brow and knockout cat eyeliner, adding just the right amount of glamour to her demure English schoolgirl look. Determined to get the look, I played around with some products and discovered an easy formula for the perfect cat eye…


1. PRIME the eye with stay don’t stray stay-put primer for concelars & eyeshadows. The secret to getting this product to work really well with eyeliner is to apply it close to the lash line. It’s OK if it gets on your lashes you’ll just cover it with mascara later.  This step is crucial to keeping your cat eye looking fresh and defined throughout the day.

2. APPLY VELVET EYESHADOW in a neutral higlighting shade like bikini line or fawn over me onto the entire eyelid & into the crease. This will add just a bit of shimmer.

3. LINE THE EYE using BADgal liner waterproof drawing the “wing” first. The “wing” is the trickiest part so I’ve included some tips & tricks.


For more control, I gently pull the corner of the eye so it’s taut. Next,  I draw a thin 1/2″ line which starts at the lash line and curves slightly upward (when you let go of your eye, the line will retract with your eyelid). Then I fill in the “wing” slightly at the base — drawing soft feather-like strokes — so the “wing” looks tapered. Fill in the rest of the lash line trying not to make it look too thick.

4. LOAD LASHES with sexy black BADgal lash. They’ll give lashes that 60’s fake-lash look.

meow meow


– Do not draw the “wing” starting at the corner of the eye because this will shorten the eye making it look short and round instead of enlongated and almond-shaped.

avoid this

-Drawing the “wing” first allows you to use a fine point before wearing down your pencil tip lining the rest of the eye.

-Use a sharp pencil for perfect precision. Sometimes pencil sharpeners can’t get soft eyeliner pencils to a fine point. So what I do is gently “roll” the pencil tip on a sheet of paper to shape it.

get sharp

Remember practice makes perf…I mean…purrrfect!