scents & satisfaction

Secret life of a Benefit gal fact: my department has a secret snack drawer.

So today, as I reached for a sweet treat, it was by sheer coincidence that instead I opened the “other” secret drawer full of our new products including the three NEW Crescent Row fragrances. Seeing the bottle of so hooked on Carmella conjured up a delectable vision of white vanilla, grapefruit and sweet-deliciousness…I had to spritz some on.

Then something happened: with that one spritz…my candy craving was gone. Crescent Row fragrances do not possess a super-sweet, syrupy, sugar smell to them at all, but somehow Carmella’s blend of edible sounding ingredients like grapefruit, vanilla, lemon, rhubarb, mixed with floral peony and inedible items like sandalwood & amber, satiated the senses. Did I just discover a new diet fad?

Let's go out to the kitchen...

Can you satisfy your sense of taste through smell?

Replacing a meal with perfume simply wouldn’t work, but if you just wanted to satisfy that craving to just go for a tasty treat–maybe it could work? I did a little googling and came across all these different articles about how scents can affect mood and even affect functions like sleep, focus AND appetite. So maybe it’s not entirely out of the ordinary.

While I probably won’t give up on snacking, nor do I want to, it’s still fun to think that instead of opting for a 4pm sugar-rush, I can simply reach for the garden of good and Eva to indulge in some refreshing, juicy-pear goodness to perk me up. Or instead of spending money to purchase a tasty (but kind of expensive) macaroon at the bakery downstairs, I can just spray on some lookin’ to rock Rita to get a mouthwatering fig & coconut fix.

I wonder if this works for other people. So the next time you’re dreaming of a sweet treat, spritz on your favorite scent and let us know: did it work? What types of fragrances does this work best with?