what’s the POREfessional?

Some people call it a “pro balm” — I call it the “primer phenomenon.” Meet the POREfessional, our latest complexion primer to instantly help minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines that makes your skin look and feel silky smooth!

The formula is lightweight & oil-free and the coverage is translucent to complement all skin tones. PLUS, it has vitamin E derivative that works like an antioxidant. The look it produces when worn under cover-ups such as “hello flawless!” and some kind-a gorgeous is like real-life airbrushing, and you apply throughout the day for touch-ups.

Since Benefit fans know that we have a few different solutions for complexion needs, here is a chart that breaks down the differences between the POREfessional and some of our other complexion perfecting products…

complexion perfection

Something we discovered is that you can actually mix the POREfessional with boi-ing concealer and use it areas that require more coverage and need smoothing like on the corners of the nose.