beauty on the fly, behind the makeup

Summer travel season has arrived! To get you ready to jet, Benefit and Southwest Airlines have partnered for Beauty on the Fly, a collection of beauty travel tips and a sweepstakes to keep you looking fresh-faced and gorgeous in-flight through dry cabin air, altitude changes and being buckled in for hours.

To put together the top beauty travel tips for Beauty on the Fly, we set out to solve the beauty dilemmas of the ultimate travelers…Southwest Flight Attendants! And what happens when Benefit, your favorite beauty brand with a sense of humor, teams up with the notoriously funny Flight Attendants of Southwest? Well it looks something like this (watch for the extra-special surprise at 1:56)…

Geekalicious and I, along with three other traveling Benefit gals, paid a visit to the Flight Attendants at Oakland, Phoenix and Las Vegas airport bases. We set up a Benefit beauty suite in their Flight Attendant lounges where we asked each person who sat in our chair (guys and gals alike) “what is your top beauty dilemma as a Flight Attendant?” We then picked the best beauty solutions to fit their needs and selected the top tips & tricks out of the hundreds of Flight Attendants we hung out with to share with you.

Here’s a behind the scenes look at our Beauty on the Fly beauty days…

Las Vegas with David the rapping FA

on the wings of LUV

We were flyin’ on the wings of the “LUV airline”…exchanging beauty tips for travel stories, samples for complimentary coffee, and laughs for…well…more laughs.

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