Germany, France and Italy…oh my!

Phew!  Annie and I are back from our trip and it only took 5 flights and 1 crazy train ride to hit up Frankfurt, Munich, Paris and Milan.  We presented the new Crescent Row gals (Eva, Rita and Carmella), the POREfessional and some other fun things that I can’t spill quite yet!

Here are some highlights of our trip:

Gloss-tastic at the Frankfurt train station

Just like Benefit's "words of wisdom". love.

Gloss-tastic in Paris

Gabby goes to a Parisianne garden. tres chic!

New crescent row babes, also in the garden. The french editors LOVED them.

So humid in Milan. Without my HF, I would have looked like a hot shiny mess.

He was skeptical at first, but this lovely Italian man loved the results of his brow wax!