power powder…you gotta see this!

This 4th of July, if you’re sweatin’ over a bbq or spending time outdoors, this post is especially for you.

Our lovely and talented Benefit training gal, Shannon, tuned me in to one of the coolest product secrets I’ve ever witnessed so I had to blog about it. Prepare to be amazed by the power of powderflage. Wanna see what this little ball of “light-diffusing powder concealer for under eyes and face” really does? Just add water.

smarter than the average powder


The pink translucent powder creates an airy protective barrier to the water that it sits on top of and stays dry. How it works is, the powder particles come together creating a lightweight “seal” to the elements. Notice, when a finger gets dipped into that cup of water the powder shields the finger from the water and the product comes out dry –wicking away moisture. Now, imagine what this can do for your makeup…

shannon shows us how

Our gals who live in places where the climate is hot and humid love to use powder as a setting powder to keep makeup looking fresh, preventing concealer and foundation from melting away. Shannon’s top tip, use a fluff brush to dot powderflage on the inner and outer corners of the eye and smooth over your under eye concealer for a smooth protective setting.

If you already own powderflage, you can try the experiment at home….and amaze your friends!