I wear it proudly!

The first Benefit product I ever used, and the product I still can’t live without is benetint.  There are some close seconds like erase paste and brow zings but benetint is still #1.   It helps me look only 40% dead instead of 80% after a 15 hour flight to Hong Kong and it’s an essential product for this sweltering heat out here in NYC.

I put it on every morning and my technique hasn’t changed in 16 years (yikes, I’m getting old!  I started wearing benetint when I was 14, so you do the math).

step #1 – four stripes on right cheek bone

step #2 – rub/tap  in quickly with finger tip of middle finger on right hand.  It has to be this precise finger.  I don’t know why, but it just does.

step #3 – repeat on left cheek

Inevitably, my finger looks like this every morning…

badge of benetint honor

Some might say “but I don’t want a red finger tip?!”  I say, “wear your benetint finger badge of honor proudly!”  It fades after about an hour and it makes me smile.

Anyone else have a benetint/posietint finger badge of honor??  How do you apply your benetint/posietint?

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  1. nidya180 says:

    Hi! I just wanted to thank you for your reply! I have collected “more” benefit stuff since my last comment. I am LOVING it!!!

  2. glamazonNYC glamazonNYC says:

    Hi Nida180,

    I’m so glad you’re now a Benebabe! You’re going to love all the items you ordered:) In terms of the products that I use….everyday I do NOT leave the house without the following items on my face: Erase Paste, browzings, Benetint, Hello Flawless. Besides that my favorite eye shadows are obviously the shadows in Sunday funday along with Nice Melons, Dandy Brandy and Birthday Suit. I also LOVE Dancing Queen, the new high shine lip gloss.

    Hope that helps and hope you love your new Benefit products!

  3. nidya180 says:

    Hi !!!
    I am very new to the brand.. I tried on Boing and loved it! I just ordered the annie and maggie new collection, bad gal mascara, and two sephora collections with mini products samples. Now they just need to get here!! My question is,… I love how you look (Annie and Maggie) and I am wondering what exact products do you use to get your looks.. complexion looks perfect and mine is not… is it due to your products? Do you have a list of products and colors you use? Thank you!


  1. […] last July, I came across a blog post by Maggie on Benefit’s official blog wherein she mentioned the Benetint Finger Badge of Honour. The badge is in fact the stain left […]

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