some summer fans…

No, not these kind of fans.

Last week, I went to the Chestnut Street boutique down in the Marina in SF to chat with some Beauty Artists for new beauty tips and, as usual, met some of the nicest and most enthusiastic Benefit fans! (I could probably spend all day at a boutique just chatting away.)

First, I met Simmone who has been visiting Benefit boutiques since 1997…talk about a loyal fan! She knew every Beauty Artist in there! On the side, Simmone does makeup for her friends and lives by ooh la lift. She says is really brighten the eye area and works on all skin tones. I’ll take that for tried and true advice. :)

all smiles at benefit!

Then, across the boutique, I met Madeleine, who was a longtime listener, first time caller of Benefit. She’s visiting the Bay Area for the summer and stopped in to get her brows done. As a fan on day one, she was excited to go home and try her new eyecon to help with dark under eye circles and a lip gloss for just a treat!

"eye con" not fathom life without benefit!

On my way out, I saw Lara, who was seriously stocking up on some Benefit faves. She was more than happy to show me her haul of products that she was taking with her to move to Australia for school! A girl’s gotta have her lip gloss even in the land down under.

my love: my gloss.

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Oh, and I couldn’t leave without some tips for myself from Beauty Artist Olivia…

  • After applying moon beam, apply sugarbomb over cheeks for a super illuminating shimmering rose-pink look.

moon beam meet sugarbomb

  • Try¬† “hello flawless!” custom powder cover-up with a damp brush! It gives more of a matte look.

even the brush is a fan.

Thanks again to all of you Benefit fans everywhere! We love seeing your own photos, so share the love.