quiet on the set: magic ink

When our new jet-black liquid eyeliner, magic ink, finally hit the Benefit office, every gal (and a certain American Idol fan) was elated and ready to rock a seriously sexy cat eye. Initially, I was intimidated to try it, but after a quick lesson, I now love to rock variations of the cat eye day and night.

But hey, every gal should learn from the pros, right? So, the other week we went to the Fillmore Street Boutique to film a sassy little video with our Beauty Artists Karolina & Kelly to teach every gal that with a little time & steady hand she can “puurrrfect” a delicious cat eye. (yep, I went with the pun)

Here’s a little sneak peek into the making of a Benefit video…plus, watch the video at the end!

sketching storyboards

testing lighting

kelly perfecting the cat eye on karolina

mirror, mirror

(L to R) resident guy alex, la geek, emily, sarah, hannah, & karolina all hard at work

That’s a wrap!