bridesmaid beauty survival guide

Wedding season is coming to a close, and many of us BeneBabes have had the privilege of standing beside our BFFs at the altar as bridesmaids. We’re there to shower, support, and sometimes even embarrass our brides (hello, bachelorette party!), but most importantly, we’re there to make sure she has fun…and looks good.

ready to walk down the aisle...

I was Maid of Honor at my best bud’s wedding recently. The professional makeup artist put it best when she instructed: “your most important job, Miss MOH, is to be your bride’s mirror all day long.” As a self-declared beauty maven, I took this role in the wedding very seriously. We all know it’s smart to bring a few extra bobby pins or tissue for tears, but it takes some extra talent to be the ultimate bridesmaid beauty back-up.

getting gorgeous

Here are a few wedding beauty tips I learned that every ‘maid can use to ensure her bride (and the other gals) look awesome in person AND in photos, from the start of the ceremony to the last dance of the night.

  • Never EVER underestimate the importance of blush. The wedding photographer dished that this is her number one recommendation for brides and bridesmaids – and here I thought waterproof mascara was the secret weapon at a wedding! We rocked the perfect combo of benetint stain underneath classic bronzer-meets-blush powder dallas. Avoid overly shimmery blushes as they can look less-than-gorgeous in professional photos.
  • Load up on false lashes. Everyone looks just a little prettier than usual with a pair of falsies – especially in photos. For a wedding, choose lashes that will make peepers pop without being overpowering, like naturally lush lashes. The trick is in the before-and-after…before you apply, trim the lash strip with scissors to fit your eye shape. This will prevent lifting at the corners, a result of wearing too-long lash strips. After, hide the evidence with a quick sweep of a black liquid liner, like magic ink, right along the lash line. The soft brush applicator won’t pull at the the false lashes like a pencil often will.
  • Keep your friends close…and your lipstick closer. Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to keep a lipstick near you at all times. Be prepared to leap in before important photo ops to ensure the bride’s lips are always looking pretty, never pale. We all wore the shade skinny dip, a universally flattering rosy pink. (It’s the bride’s longtime favorite color!) By the end of the night…that lipstick tube had definitely seen better days, but everyone looked lovely in the pics.
  • Prevent shine (before the conga line) with a power primer. When you’re in the middle of celebrating, the last thing you want to worry about is shine. I had bigger fish to fry…like making a memorable speech! Thankfully, we all used the POREfessional before applying makeup that morning, which kept our shine to a minimum even out in the Santa Barbara sunshine. Avoid caking on more powder if you’ve got too much “glow.” Instead, I kept a tube in my purse of this pore-minimizing primer for a quick invisible touch-up for a perfectly matte finish.

the notorious M.O.H.

Keep these beauty tips in mind and you’ll be guaranteed a wedding-album worthy look…cheers to good friends, great times and gorgeous makeup!


What are your favorite wedding beauty tips?