Exploring San Fran

Sometimes when we are looking for inspiration at Benefit, we like to get out of the office and explore the beautiful city of San Francisco…and yesterday was one of those days.

It was not only a gorgeous 80 degrees without a cloud in the sky, but we went to parts of fun neighborhoods that I had never been to before.

We started out in Japantown.  This small part of the City is filled to the brim with incredibly unique objects.  We walked into a store and literally felt like we were in another country, it was incredible!

After that we went to the Castro where we hit a fun hardware store and Flax, an awesome art supply store.

After that we walked over to the Mission where we grabbed some lunch and enjoyed the sunshine! After walking off our lunch we hoped over to Pacific Heights to see a pretty store called Sue Fisher king.

All in all it was an incredible day of seeing and playing with cool new things that I never knew existed in the city of San Francisco! What’s a hidden gem in your city?