rooting for the home team

The San Francisco Giants are one game away from becoming National League Champs and the Benefit beauty home base is fired up! As a high-five to last Friday’s story Beauty Ode to the SF Giants by our friends, and fellow Giants fans, over at Sephora Beauty and the Blog, check out how Benefit supports the home team. Hummmm….baby!

our mannequin simone loves the orange & black

rally deer

We even put together a Giants inspired makeup recipe. Check out this winning lineup and you’re sure to be a home run. Orangy-gold shadow, tangerine lipstick, base-stealing bronzer and a whole lotta last-inning style DRAMA for the eyes. Plus, we threw in a little stay don’t stray. We call it our “shutout” eye primer because it’ll make your makeup last all nine innings. Bonus points if you rock this look with a black beard.

winning lineup

That’s how we do it here at Benefit SF! Any Philly Benefit fans out there who are up for a challenging lineup?