Benefit’s fa-boo-lous halloween!

It’s Friday.

It’s Friday at Benefit.

It’s Friday at Benefit…the day before Halloween weekend.

You know what that means…

An entire office striking a simultaneous sugar high from too much Halloween candy in every department. Check out some pics from today around the office.

See the craziness from last year’s Halloween in BUZZarella’s post

Amanda...aka Girl Meets Pearl

it's a's a high's SUPER RYAN!

the glorious 1st prize award (glitter pumpkins crafted by yours truly)

And last, but in no way, least, Erin & Alison recreated our favorite twins from the 70s, Benefit co-founders Jean & Jane Ford! Be sure to see the original inspiration photo of Jean & Jane modeling in the 70s below. Simply awesome.

Erin & Alison...

the originals and still the best.

Happy Halloween, all of your gorgeous ghouls & goblins! Have fun! And send in your own Halloween pics to our Facebook fan page!