nice to meet you…patty

We like to think of Benefit as a really fabulous and fun party….and everyone’s invited! Like all good parties, you need to make sure your guests are taken care of, get what they need, and have any questions answers.  At the office, I like to think of our new customer care manager, Patty, as one who knows all and takes care of our guests (or customers).

Our next Q&A is with Patty aka “care bear.” Get to know this gal who recently moved to SF from Montreal, Canada. Fun, eh?

call me.

I’m most inspired by…Children. Not a care in the world, laughing most of the time, making up silly games, they are creative and say what’s on their mind. I don’t have any of my own yet but I can hardly wait.

The five things I love/can’t live without…

  • My cat Leia. She’s not a thing but I adore her and can’t live without her
  • My iPhone. It’s ridiculous how much time I spend on it
  • Tim Horton’s coffee. You can only buy it in Canada, but I have such great friends that they ship it to me
  • My debit card. I NEVER have money on me
  • Mascara. I would not have lashes if it wasn’t for BADgal lash.

When I need creative inspiration I listen to music…Anything from John Mayer to Frank Sinatra, music clears my mind.

The one Benefit product I swear by is… dallas. I love the sun but we all know how bad it is so instead I turn to the best bronzer/blush to ever exist!

What I love most about moving to San Francisco/Bay Area… Ummm, the weather?! I don’t have to deal with winter anymore! Seriously, San Francisco has so much to offer, but if I had to name just one, I would say the farmer’s market at Pier 39.

My favorite thing at my desk is… Mirror, mirror on the wall. Well, it’s not on the wall, it’s on my desk and I use it several times a day.

The color wheel: My favorite color is… If I have to be specific, I would chose the color emerald. A shade of green that is particularly light and bright, with a faint bluish cast. It reminds me of the Caribbean Sea.

My best makeup trend from high school or the one I most regret… The one I regret the most is using brown eyeliner as a lip liner. If I could only retake my graduation picture…

If I could live any other place I’d live… in Barcelona, Spain. My family is Spanish and so when I finally went to visit, I fell head over heals in love! Beautiful city, kind people, delicious food and what a soccer team. Viva España!

My creative outlet is… Interior decorating! Painting, buying new décor and accessories, anything to make my home look beautiful and welcoming to others. There is this great shop called “leftovers” and they have the most fabulous second hand furniture and more.

My favorite Benefit moment… The day I got a call from HR for a telephone interview.

Follow Patty on Twitter @BenefitCares if you have any customer care questions or concerns…or if you want to talk about your love of Canadian coffee and other exports.