i scream. you scream. we all scream for high beam!

An open letter to high beam

My lovely high beam,

I. Love. You. As I was dotting and blending the other day, I wondered…did my friends feel the same way I did? The answer: yep.

You’re every gal’s secret for a gorgeous healthy glow. From the professional makeup artists to those, like me, that swear by you when I want an extra dose of glam…without any serious effort (day & night).

I conducted a brief and very formal survey at work about high beam love, especially on various skin tones. Here are my findings (oh, and for those who are reading (hi, mom!): I didn’t use a flash, so you actually see the results, the gals didn’t put on any other makeup, and I didn’t use photoshop because I honestly have no idea how to use that):

miss laney...

applies over makeup on cheekbones.


connie is ready for her closeup


glam, bam!

oh, hello, patty

patty packs a POW!

gorgeous germaina

dot. dot. dot...and blend. blend. blend!

g is for glam germaina

carolina's turn

and she loves it!

Yep, dear high beam, you’re a winner in our eyes! I learned some of these gals love using it to contour with blush or to blend with blush over high beam. It’s also fabulous on brow bones. Thanks for being you.

Geekalicious, your #1 fan