The Dirty 30

It’s official.  I am now 30.

The incident happen last Wednesday and culminated on Saturday with a fairly awesome party :)

From the way people had been building up this whole “30” thing I thought I’d wake up on my birthday with gray hairs, new wrinkles, and a generally sad demeanor.  To be honest, 30 felt a whole lot like 29.  My theory is that it’s all about how you approach it and I’m pretty pumped for my 30th year.  I’m going to get hitched, I get a new driver’s license AND I get a bunch of fun new kitchen stuff (due to the getting hitched part).  All that plus now I really do feel more settled in myself and I know who I am.  Cheesy, I know, but true.

30th birthday pic w/ future hubby

For all you Benebabes out there born pre-fall, 1981 any sage advice/things I need to know about being in my 30s now?  I know you all aren’t shy, so lay it on me!

Oh, and because this is a makeup blog….I wore a combo of Dandy Brandy and Rich Beach on my eyes with loads of  black liner and got TONS of compliments.  It’s going to be my new smoky brown look for fall.