hot cookin’ & giving thanks.

This is my reminder of the day:

post-it saves the day.

Let me explain: this is a key ingredient to my annual Thanksgiving brussel sprout salad (and admittedly the only cooking I really do all year).

Thanksgiving is inching its way to my #1 holiday, mainly because it’s family and friends gathered around for general good times without a lot of stress…and then there’s the scrumptious abundant meal that takes about 5 hours.

Since Thanksgiving is tomorrow, I warmed up my taste buds for the tour de force of eating by asking my fellow Benefit gals & guys about their favorite dishes to make:

master chef de benefit

Lindsey in our copy department swears by brussel sprouts, too! She adds shallots and a splash of balsamic vinegar to this recipe. She “just LOVES them because they are not only delicious, but nutritious as well! Bacon makes everything better.” Oh, and a fun fact: these sprouts won Best Side Dish at her friend’s annual Gobblefest Thanksgiving celebration.”

Danielle’s Thanksgiving tradition is her mother’s traditional apricot grand marnier stuffing – it’ s so delicious. Here is the recipe! She claims that the picture doesn’t do it justice, but it’s well worth it!

Jen makes a mouth-watering pumpkin mac n’ cheese! Um, hello! Try the recipe here. She adds the same amount of nutmeg as mustard powder & instead of pepper flakes she puts a teaspoon of chipotle sauce in…it adds a nice smoky hint.

It’s unanimous that mashed potatoes deserve a lot of garlic. A lot. Add some to Tyler’s recipe.

Oh, and we shall not forget the main attraction: the bird. As Carolina said, “Oh, you cannot forget the bird!” (of course, this is coming from a girl who loves her turkey sandwiches year-round) Some day I’ll try a turducken, but for now, I’ll stick to the basic recipes. Here’s a fab recipe for how to brine and roast a turkey.

Here are a few salivating pictures from Angélique”s favorite pumpkin pie recipe.

no cans here

crushed nuts in the pie

final result!

Mmm, I’m already excited for leftover sandwiches to fuel Black Friday shopping! What’s your favorite recipe?

Happy Thanksgiving to all!! xo, Benefit