nice to meet you…hilary

Today we meet Hilary….or I should say, “The Brow Master.” This lady knows her way around some tweezers, believe-you-me! Hilary is our global brow expert and master aesthetician. With over 17 years of experience in shaping brows, she travels the globe to show how a well-groomed brow can frame your face & instantly make you looked pulled together. She has also joined our team of official bloggers, so if you have a brow question, ask her here or on our Facebook fan page.

yep, that's her vespa

I’m most inspired by…My best friend.  She is a career woman and a single mother of three of the most amazing children in the world.  And even with her crazy schedule, she never leaves the house without perfect brows, lashes, and lipstick.  Utterly fabulous!

The five things I love/can’t live without…

  • My husband: I am simply the luckiest girl in the world.
  • My family: Their constant support and patience have allowed me to become who I am today.
  • My friends:  Everybody needs them and mine are AWESOME!
  • My two cats:  When I come home from the airport they run to the door to greet me and let me know just how missed I was.
  • My Vespa scooter:  It’s the BEST way to get around San Francisco!

When I need creative inspiration…I go to New Mexico.  There is nothing like that wide open sky…it’s like a blank canvas for your imagination.

I listen to…The Beatles have always sparked inspiration in me.  When I was growing up my father was constantly playing their records, and their music was the soundtrack to my childhood creativity.

I read…One of my favorite books is Fahrenheit 451.  It’s a great story about being yourself against all odds.


The one Benefit product I swear by is…I love brow zings more than words.

My favorite place in San Francisco…AT&T Park…Go Giants! It’s got my team, an amazing view of my city, and all of my favorite junk foods in one place.  The Sheboygan hot dogs on the View Level are not to be missed… trust me.


My favorite thing at my desk is…My wedding photo. It’s a self portrait because we eloped!

The color wheel: My favorite color is…turquoise.  I look great in the color, and I love turquoise jewelry.

My best makeup trend from high school or the one I most regret…It was the 80s, so you can only imagine my makeup regrets.  Electric blue liner and fuchsia lipstick anyone?


If I could live any other place I’d live in…New Mexico…why wouldn’t you want to live the place you feel most inspired?

My creative outlet is…making music.  My dad was a professional musician when I was younger and my house was always filled with music growing up.  I am a totally mediocre piano and guitar player, but I love it.


My favorite Benefit moment…in my 9 years at Benefit I’ve had a million, but my favorite moment will always be my first day.  I knew I was in the right place.

Thanks, Hilary! We love you…and your brows.

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