Holiday already?

It just dawned on me that the holidays are here!  This is my absolute favorite time of year.  You have holiday parties and family events galore… but sometimes there is just never enough time in the day.

When are you supposed to get ready for your evening event?  You can’t really apply your liquid liner while typing that last email of the day?  Thus, I have decided that us ladies need some makeup tricks that allow us to leave your house in the morning looking amazing, last throughout an entire day of work, and still be festive enough for that special event at night.  Here are my ticks:

  • Use a primer!  Make sure that you have your “that gal” and your stay don’t stray on at all times.  This will ensure that you look lasts all day long
  • Always apply a tint under your foundation, my fave is benetint.  This allows you to keep that girly glow till midnight.

  • Apply a creaseless cream shadow (these babies don’t budge)
  • Use BROWN eye liner (black is too much for the office and a brown is just as pretty)
  • Throw two different glosses in your purse (you never know what you will be in the mood for after a long day at work)

  • Keep hoola in your purse as well (there is no better perk me up then a sweep of bronzer)

I hope that these new holiday life savers do the trick for this holiday season!  Let me know what tricks you ladies have up your sleeve.  Us gals have to stick together when preparing for these trying times!