the benefit guide to office parties

‘Tis the season…for the annual office holiday party! No matter what your job may be, there’s a good chance you’re getting together with your co-workers to toast to the holiday season.

Leaving straight from the office and not sure how to primp for the party? Unsure whether to bust out those dancing shoes in front of your colleagues? Feeling overwhelmed with the multitude of festivities to attend?  Luckily, we’ve created the super official Benefit Guide to Office Holiday Parties, with your DOs and DON’Ts to ensure you’ll be the belle of your office ball.

sexy 'stache: always a DO

DO perk up your complexion in seconds before you leave your desk. Gals here swear by the cult favorite product, ooh la lift. Simply pat on a few dots of this pink wonder balm under your eye area to look like you spent the last three hours in lounge chugging coffee.

DON’T be afraid to get glam…the trick for office parties is to keep it classy. Save the uber-dramatic party makeup for New Year’s Eve (don’t worry, we’ll get to that soon!). Never wear bold lips? Try the brand-new, ultra-flattering full finish lipstick in slow zone. It’s a coral-reddish shade that’s an easy alternative to the classic red lip. Love dramatic eyes? Try a pair of false lashes with minimal eyeshadow instead of a heavier smoky eye. Don’t have time for lashes? Fake it with a black liquid liner like magic ink applied thisclose to your lash line.

quality time with everyone's favorite IT guy

DO add some flair to your regular office attire. Got your signature LBD? Add a festive sequined cardigan or a pair of purple heels. If you have time to change, opt for a metallic dress…they were all the rage at this year’s Benefit shindig.

DON’T just socialize with the coworkers you see every day. This is your opportunity to spend some quality time with people at the office who you see less often, like your favorite office IT guy! It’s also a rare chance to get some face time with your superiors in a more casual environment.

put down the BlackBerry, Emily!

DO leave your work behind at the office. This is a time to discuss fun holiday plans, not expense reports. And leave your BlackBerry in your purse!

DON’T forget to enjoy the buffet…an empty stomach and champagne toasts don’t mix. And what’s a party without good food?!

hungry? why wait?

Above all, enjoy yourself…you deserve it! Do you have any favorite holiday party tips?