the new kid on the block

Hot off the press! It’s here: our 9th box o’ powder, bella bamba! With shimmering gold undertones, this watermelon pink really packs a punch of color! It’s much brighter than other powders we’ve come out with, so today, Emily was kind enough to lend her arm to science, er, the science of beauty, so we could swatch five of our box o’ powders to compare color payoff. Like friends, each powder has its own “wow” factor.

hoola can go with any of the box of powders to sculpt the cheeks for more defined cheekbones.

dandelion is perfect for a very soft wash of color.

CORALista is a true coral and bella bamba has a watermelon glimmer to it. Go stop by Benefit & check out any powder one through nine! You’ll be lookin’ fine!

take eye-popping pink to the 3rd dimension


And just for fun, we decided to swatch Elaine’s cheek.

tiger beat?

From top to bottom: dandelion, bella bamba, CORAlista, hoola & dallas.

just another day at the office

And so Elaine didn’t have to walk out of work looking like the world’s most colorful zebra, Ryan just buffed the powders together. The colors seamlessly blended together; you can see how hoola was in the right spot to contour her cheeks.

the power of powder.

I covet my box o’ powder collection. What’s your favorite powder? Has anyone tried bella bamba, yet?!