lipstick resolutions

As we count down the days to the New Year, we look forward to new prospects in our lives and hope for great things in the coming year. In reality, some resolutions may come and go (my workday workout regimen lasted about 1.4 weeks, but to my defense, I didn’t realize the reality TV lineup would be so compelling), but one thing you CAN promise yourself is that you will wear more full-finish lipstick.

new prospects

Sporting their new look, with several fabulous new shades, full-finish lipsticks are the perfect friends to pucker-up with on New Year’s Eve…no regrets!

pleased to meet you

Discovering the perfect lipstick shade is like discovering a favorite song. The moment you put it on, you feel that chemistry, that connection — that LOVE. To help you discover your love connection, check out these swatches in the pic below–the shades are in the same order as the lineup in the picture above.

when life gives you lipstick...

our fave shades (L to R): pinking of you, wanna? & rumor

Smoothing on a perfect lipstick = a guaranteed fabulous New Year. See ya, 2010!