NYE (new year’s eyes)

With NYE coming up, what’s the best eye look for making eyes to rope in a midnight smooch? Smoky? Colorful? Cat-eyed? All of the above? What do you think of these eyes eyes eyes…eyes eyes eyes eyes?


NYE Smoky Eye Recipe: stay don’t stray, smokin’ eyes kit, BADgal liner waterproof, naturally lashes (service available at our Brow Bars & Boutiques), high brow, BADgal lash (obviously!).

champagne wishes & caviar dreams

NYE Cat Eye Recipe: stay don’t stray, creaseless cream shadow/liner in birthday suit, high brow, magic ink, BADgal lash

color me gorgeous

NYE Candy Eye: stay don’t stray, Sephora Exclusive creaseless cream shadow/liners in silver spoon, tidal wavepurple snap, prrrowl, BADgal liner waterproof

classy on the left, party on the right

Top tips: Don’t forget to shape your brows, Alex, our model is wearing instant brow pencil. If you need some help from a pro, visit a Benefit  Brow Bar, counter or Boutique. They’ll even take care of the fake lashes if you need some help!

P.S. This song has been playing in my head for the past week and was the inspiration for this post.