to conceal before or after foundation?

On our Facebook fan page, one fan asked if she should apply concealer before or after foundation?

Here at Benefit we like to make things easy!  We all probably have enough things to worry about, so concealer shouldn’t be one of them!

In all honesty, whatever works for you is just fine, but if you want our opinion, it is foundation and then concealer.  This is because once you have your foundation on you may find that you don’t even need concealer, or maybe you need less then you think. (Also it’s best to apply concealer after your eye makeup in case any loose eye shadow falls below your eye. You can wipe it off before you apply concealer)

erase paste


However, we do have two rules:  You must start with a primer to prep the skin and end with powder.  That way all of your hard work will last all day and you will look FAB!

Wondering which of our concealers to use? Erase paste has an easy-to-blend creamy formula with melon-pink undertones and brightening pigments — perfect for dark undereye circles. Our boi-ing industrial concealer has more gold undertones and provides full coverage that is long lasting. See more product comparisons here.

That is our Beneavdice for now! If you have any other beauty questions, let us know!