little miss under the weather…

Winter Cold Season 2011 has struck with a vengeance! When I was young I loved (and occasionally faked) being sick just to stay home to watch The Love Boat (true story), but now “adulthood” negates the fun of staying home and has turned it into quite the inconvenience. Oh, adulthood.

So, here are some beauty tips to save you from looking like Miss Under the Weather when you must leave the comfort of your couch and sweats. It’s just what the doctor ordered…

  • No matter how tired you are, keep up your skincare routine. You may be tired, but those impending zits are not.
  • Fill in your brows to define your face (perfect when you’re feeling sallow or pale)
  • Line eyes from the outer corners to open up eyes. Then use a lash curler + mascara for added emphasis. Oh, and don’t forget some eye drops if your eyes are dry.
  • If you’ve been up all night, our entire office swears by erase paste concealer & eye bright to fake those  8 hours of sleep
  • If you’re getting red around the nose, use concealer or some kind-a gorgeous to downplay the Rudolph-effect.
  • Most importantly, layer CORALista or your favorite blush over a bronzer like dallas. Whenever I’m sick & have to get out of the house, I have a friend who always tells me,  “put on some bronzer & do some jumping jacks!” It works like a charm.

bronzer + jumping jacks = ultimate remedy

  • Also, moisturize those lips with benefit lip balm with SPF 15
  • And just because you really love your co-workers, neighbor on the bus, and other humans out in the real world, please carry some hand sanitizer and kleenex. Everyone will thank you.

Darling, I hope you’re feeling better. If you have any other secrets to fakin’ it when you’re sick, leave them in the comments below.