Theme party anyone??

Living in San Francisco we definitely have our share of theme parties…it’s clearly in our DNA. There’s always a good excuse to dress up and go crazy in the city. So it’s no surprise that at Benefit we embrace that same spirit at our counters…all over the world.

Canada has taken theme parties to a whole new level this year with some of our fab product launches! Here are a few of their favorite memories.

Girl Meets Pearl was a glamorous affair..

why yes, that is blue hair Maddox is sporting

This was their launch party for my FAVORITE new brightening pink blush…bella bamba!!

with a playful wink and a mischievous smile

Above is the launch party for Crescent Row, our flirty new fragrance line. They dressed up like the gals of Crescent Row…each with their own alluring scent and personality!

Cosmetics is all about having fun, which is something we clearly know how to do. We want to hear how you spice up your parties with a theme.  What are some of your favorites?