not a girl, not yet a woman

This week, my 13 year-old self paid my face a visit in the form of an unsightly zit. Gross, I know. I needed a clear plan of attack to camouflage this unsightly blemish, so I enlisted my Benefit in-house pros and held no mercy. To save you from the photographic evidence, here’s what I did…

First, I had to vow not to pop or touch it (despite the immense personal satisfaction). It’s important to keep up a strict skincare routine to help treat the blemish.

Then, comes in your favorite concealer (note: the technique is the same regardless of concealer; boi-ing provides more industrial coverage & may be your fave, but I used what I had on hand: erase paste). I took a bit of erase paste on a very small concealer brush and dabbed around the zit on the parts that were super red to build the concealer coverage. Lightly tap over the blemish until all the redness is gone.

if it could only erase the awkwardness of my 13 year-old self

With super clean fingers, I gently tapped the concealer from the edge into the surrounding skin to blend the edges.  Business as usual, I applied foundation allover and up to the edges of Enemy #1 (the zit).

for more industrial coverage

After that, I applied a light dusting of powder to set it.  That’s key to making it look natural and giving it the gusto to last throughout the day. Presto! Glamo! It’s like the zit (or junior high) never happened!

What’s your magic formula to covering up unwelcome guests that “pop” up?

(P.S.  I can’t totally give it away, but stay tuned for some awesomely brilliant things coming from Benefit.)