flirting for your guy type

The F word – flirting – has been on everyone’s lips here at Benefit lately, thanks to our awesome online guide to the fine art of flirting. Of course, if you want to further fine-tune your skills, you can focus your approach based on the type of male you’re trying to captivate. The ladies of Benefit HQ narrowed it down to a few fun types we encounter regularly in our city of San Francisco: the Sports Fan (he probably played sports, and definitely loves watching them); the Mellow Hipster (he has the coolest T-shirts in town); the Power Suit (he’s “kind of a big deal,” or at least thinks he is); the Man About Town (he’s seen at all the right places); and the Granola Guy (rock climbing and camping top his list). The gals shared their thoughts below on how to land different types of males…and since we’ve all had our flirting fumbles, we’ve included a bonus tip on what NOT to say.

hey there

  • The Sports Fan

where you’ll find him: catching the game over a frosty brew at your local watering hole

what to wear: walk the cute-but-casual line (it’s a fine art) by pairing the natural glow of matte hoola bronzer (shimmer is a no-go in a sportsbar) with a few coats of BADgal lash mascara for a low-key sexy look

assert the flirt: by rooting for the opposite team. Your competitive spirit will spark his interest!

what NOT to say: “So which team’s winning the match?” – during a football game

  • The Mellow Hipster

where you’ll find him: relaxing with friends at the park after a ride on his fixed-gear bike

what to wear: stand out from the crowd with a unique accessory – hats and headbands are hot – and a bold-for-daytime coral lip color like full finish lipstick in saucy

assert the flirt: by asking him what bands he’s listening to these days 

what NOT to say: “Hey, are you going to the [insert pop star name] concert next week?”

  • The Power Suit

where you’ll find him: discussing his long work day over cocktails with his handsome coworkers

what to wear: top off a blouse and pencil skirt combo with perfectly groomed brows (hit up a Benefit Brow Bar first!) and the sultry neutral eyeshadows in our big beautiful eyes palette

assert the flirt: by challenging him to a post-happy-hour karaoke session. Bonus points for belting out classic rock tunes! 

what NOT to say: “So, when was your last pay raise?” 

  • The Man About Town

where you’ll find him: up in the club…especially if it’s a new spot that just opened

what to wear: shine even in dim lighting with girl meets pearl golden-pink highlighter on cheekbones and a super shimmery gloss like ultra shine in back to the fuchsia on your pout

assert the flirt: by joining him out on the dance floor…an over-the-shoulder wink is a no-fail way to snag his attention 

what NOT to say: “I had to wait in line for 2 hours to get in here…and slip the bouncer $30!”

  • The Granola Guy

where you’ll find him: your local “healthy” grocery store – the produce aisle is a gold mine!

what to wear: fake the ultimate no-makeup look with weightless wonder some kind-a gorgeous to even out the complexion and a dab of rosy benetint on lips and cheeks

assert the flirt: by asking if he has been on any good hikes lately…pick his brain for his fave local spots 

what NOT to say: “What’s this ‘recycling’ thing everyone keeps talking about?”

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No matter what your favorite guy type may be, it’s always fun to get out there and assert your flirt…and share your favorite tips with your pals. Hey, I knew I needed a refresher when I realized my best pick-up line is, “so, how tall are you?” (Editor’s Note: BUZZarella is shorter than average, and typically dates outside her height range.) Do you have any tried and true flirting tips you share with your girlfriends?