get in line.

There’s no denying that a lady likes options. I could go on with an exhaustive list, but trust me, neither of us have the time. Let’s take today’s example: eyeliner…and lucky for all of us, Benefit just introduced two new shades of our best-selling BADgal liner waterproof pencil.

Today, the steel gray charcoal & deep chocolate espresso shades made their way to my desk (let’s say, I am one happy girl). Without further ado, I applied the eye pencil and then staged an impromptu hallway photo shoot with some savvy gals from my department, Amanda & Emily, to show you the color.

Not only are they waterproof, but these pencils glliiiiiidde on smooth. Also, don’t forget about the blending tip to smudge the liner for sexy, smoldering eyes. Here are the three shades:



Amanda & her charcoal.

grey gardens

gray gardens

Emily & her espresso.

downtown brown

What color are you lusting after to line your eyes?