nice to meet you…yoon

Originally from Korea, Yoon recently moved to San Francisco to work at a dream job –helping to develop new products for Benefit! Here she answers a few questions about life at Benefit.

all smiles. all the time.

What do you do on an average day at Benefit…
My daily life at Benefit starts with looking in the mirror. :) Every morning the Product Marketing team tests new formulas, new colors, or any new products. During the day, I have a lot of meetings where we plan and come up with ideas for new products. Many times we work with other departments to come up with ideas. I found that this job involves a lot of team work and creative thinking, which is always fun, but challenging. Later in the day,  I usually have phone calls with our international markets for new projects. Here at Benefit, time flies! I’ve been here only 5 months, but feel like it’s been over a year!

I’m most inspired by…Anything vintage. I especially love vintage art, clothes, and shops.

The five things I love/can’t live without…

  1. My diary
  2. Camera
  3. Pop Chips (This one new thing that I love after coming to SF. It’s the best snack ever!)
  4. Rain boots (I found that having these is very critical in SF.)
  5. And I absolutely love having aroma candles at home

My favorite Benefit moment…
is when I just started to work at Benefit in Korea, I was 24 and we opened the 1st store in Korea. At that time, nobody knew about Benefit, so I had to wear an angel costume to get people’s attention. I had so much fun with consumers and it was very special experience for me.

When I need creative inspiration I go to…Japantown. Japanese culture always make me very excited and inspired. I love magazines, little stationary, beauty items and all new stuff from Japan. I also read lots of magazines,  usually Korean magazines since still reading English makes me little bit tired. :)

During work, I listen to…Pandora.com – the French band Phoenix is my favorite.

The one Benefit product I swear by is…“that gal” brightening face primer! I have one at my desk just for touch-ups throughout the day!

My favorite place in San Francisco/Bay Area…is the Ferry Building. I love this place because it is somehow very vibrant and full of different things. I love looking at the people that come and go during the weekend for the famous farmer’s market. Also, I love all the delicious food trucks during the weekend.

My favorite color is…peach-y pink. I do not know if it is because of Benefit or not. I just love peach pink. At home, I have a peach-pink chair. After all this time working at Benefit,  it just became my favorite color.

My makeup trend that I regret the most…frosted dark shades of lipstick. It was really scary looking, like a horror movie and I have no idea as to why I wore those shades.

If I could live any other place I’d live…Hong Kong! I love the foods, fun-life style, all the international people from all over the world, and of course shopping.

My creative outlet is…my yoga classes. They make me focused and calm.

What I miss most about Korea…I would say it is my family and friends; that’s always the most difficult part for me. You can find good food, good places, & good things wherever you go, but it is hard to find good people who have known you for such a long time and know who you really are.

Thanks, Yoon!