turn tints & tricks (not that kind)

I vowed myself a benetint gal through and through.  One of my New Year’s Resolutions (remember those) was to start rotating and finally using all of the makeup that I have at home; the majority of my makeup drawer(s) I barely give so much as a nod to in the morning… posietint was one in the line-up.

I have fair skin, auburn/reddish hair, so pink is definitely not in my color palette (only a certain red-head can pull off such a feat). One morning, I decided to shun traditional color wisdom and give ‘ole posietint a go.

could I ever be pretty in pink?!

Since it’s a stain that lasts all day &  I have an unintentional heavy hand when applying tints, I tried a trick of the trade I heard from my gal Jordan: apply posietint to a slant powder brush and then lightly brush on your cheeks. BLOOMIN’ MAGIC! It gave me such a natural flush. I was in love. (Beauty Note: You can use as little or as much tint as you desire)

just a 'lil bit o' posie on the slant powder brush


it's tint-alating

Now that my tints peacefully co-exist, I know I don’t have to be afraid to rock either  shade depending on the day… or my daring color palette. What’s your tint du jour? What Benefit product are you going to try next?