report flirting to #flirtalertNYC

We need you! In conjunction with our Flirt Alert! events in New York, we’ve started a hashtag on twitter #flirtalertNYC to put together a collection of funny tweets by you pickup artists and flirting novices  about the random thoughts, adventures & misadventures in the fine art of flirting.

assert the flirt

What’s a hashtag ? A hashtag helps to organize a topic on twitter. So whenever a tweet includes the hashtag #flirtalertNYC it will become a searchable topic. Go ahead, search “#flirtalertNYC” in twitter now and you’ll see a few funny tweets which all reference the hashtag. Tweet something with the hashtag in it and it will add to this collection of tweets.

Here are some examples of ways to tweet using the #flirtalertNYC hashtag…

“Missed connection: You: 6″ leopard heels, black dress, great smile. Me: neon sunglasses, tuxedo shirt. Don’t deny chemistry. #flirtalertNYC”

“Overheard: There’s something wrong with my phone…it doesn’t have your number in it. #flirtalertNYC”

We know there’s some good stuff out there. Now get tweeting!