how I found Mr. Bright

Our new finding mr. bright kit has been flying off the shelves, and for good reason…everyone looks more gorgeous with a little glow. With a step-by-step “MANual,” this kit is guaranteed to brighten your complexion – and hopefully catch the eye of your own “Mr. Bright!”

In honor of this adorable kit, we asked some of the gals here at Benefit HQ to share their fun stories of how they found Mr. Bright…enjoy!

quinn's very own "luck of the irish"

  • “I was with BUZZarella & friends at the annual St. Patrick’s Day block party here in San Francisco. Seeming to part the crowd, came a very tall guy who turned out to be a friend of a friend.  In the midst of all the revelry around us, I realized this little leprechaun was a keeper (he’s actually a foot taller than me.). Holidays, it turns out, are very useful for remembering anniversaries.”  – Quinn, Digital Marketing
  • “I found Mr. Bright in a dive bar in Lake Tahoe. I was wrapping up a game of shuffle board when he caught my eye…it was love at first bright! We struck up a conversation and started seeing each other when we got back to San Francisco. The rest, as they say, is history…” – Lindsey R., Product Marketing
  • “We worked together. Well, he was actually in our IT department…so of course I kept finding reasons to request computer help! He mentioned the fact that there were a few food crumbs stuck stuck in my keyboard – SO embarrassing – but then suggested I actually leave the office (with him!) to grab lunch. We don’t work together any more, but I still have free tech support.” – Kelly, Finance
  • “We first met in freshman year in college, in the cafeteria…I remember his bright smile, but I was going through an awkward phase (braces, no makeup, sweats) so don’t blame him for not making a mental note of this encounter (I could’ve used a finding mr. brightkit back then!). A year later, we had an art class together…instant spark…and in May, we’ll have been married for 8 years!” – Hannah, Designer

    hannah and her hubby recreating dorm life

  • “We officially ‘met’ online and became friends for over a year before we started dating. It was the first time I ever dated a friend but it helped speed up the relationship since we got the whole getting-to-know-each-other out of the way and could just focus on the romance part. We’re getting married this summer!” – Pauline, Copywriter
  • “I met my husband at the Good Bar in LA…but that night it was the ‘great’ bar, in my opinion! I was waiting for a friend outside and spotted him on the other side of the velvet rope – so I stepped forward and said, “hi, don’t I know you?” It wasn’t just a line – I recognized his face from the office – but I’m glad I spoke up and made the first move to meet my now-husband!” – Alison, PR
  • “I met Rudy over a mutual friend’s poker game in San Diego. We’re both very competitive so I was impressed he beat me that fateful night… let’s just say that he’s never won a game since, but won a great gal!” – Elaine, eCommerce
  • “I met my bf through my younger brother. They’re actually best friends! I always knew he was an excellent judge of character.” – Annie, Marketing

Our fellow Bene-babe Stef, from Benefit in Texas (yee-haw!), showed us how she found Mr. Bright in this video, with her top tips on using products like girl meets pearl and posietint. While not all of us have Stef’s talent with a makeup brush, we’ve had our fair share of experience with the Mr. Brights of the world. How did YOU find Mr. Bright?